Game Night at Blacktop is becoming one of my favorite community events. Do you love Cards Against Humanity? We have a table! Can't get enough of Settlers of Caatan? We have a table! Did you just buy Street Fighter V and want to play in on a 12 foot screen? We have the screen, and your choice of an xbox one or PS4. You bring the game! In fact, bring any game, we we'd love to play it during Game Night.

Before Game Night, I never heard of Utter Nonsense. Jay brought it one night though, and I haven't stopped talking about it. I gurantee you'll find me playing Utter Nonsense this Friday night. Join me!

You'll discover new games and new friends at Game Night. Last month a bachlorette party came to Game Night. They drove from downtown Sacramento to our Game Night. I'll be honest, I held my breath when they reached for Exploding Kittens. I hope they have a "unique" sense of humor. They did! They loved the game, and spend the night clustered around teh table bursting out in laughter every few minutes.

Remember those math equations in elementry school that would show a variety of inputs entering a "math machine," and that big, hulking industrial math machine would combine all the elements to create a new number or equation? I'm sure I can find an example of it on the internet somewhere. Give me a moment. I'll find it.

Aha! Here we go:


Are all those elementary school memories flooding back? Well, the Game Night feels a lot like that math machine. In comes a variety of people. In come a bunch of different elements that have never met, groups that wouldn't bump into each other anywhere else, but here. Here they are coming through the doors of Blacktop Comedy, games in hand, looking for something new. Three hours later, after sharing games, and strategies, and laughs, everyone leaves Blacktop changed. We don't leave alone. We leave as friends. The Game Night "machine" kicks out friendships. 

It happens every month. And, it's pretty awesome to witness and be a part of. Sometimes I sit back and think about all the people I never new before Game Night, or Playgrounds, or improv classes or shows. The only thing that gave us an opportunity to meet was Blacktop Comedy. It's a strange feeling. We could still be drifting by each other in restaurants or streets, never realizing the friendships we could have. 

What's my point? Walk to Game Night this Friday. You might just discover a new game and a new lifelong friend.