Where will you be tonight? Take the family out to Johnson-Springview Park in Rocklin, and enjoy Evening in the Park, organized by the City of Rocklin. Show up at 6:00pm, and catch us onstage! We will be doing 45 minutes of short form improv games. It'll be be improv comedy fit for the whole family! Wait, hold on. I should explain. I always say "short form improv games" like that's universally understood. I'm going to pretend you're looking at the computer monitor, or phone, face scrunched up, silently mouthing, "what's that?"

Short form improv games are those improv games you see on, Whose Line is it Anyway? If you're an improvisers, go ahead and skip the rest of this paragraph as it'll just cause an unsafe amount of eye rolling (many improvisers, in their natural habitat hate comparing their art and comedy to Whose Line is it Anyway. They feel it undermines the comedy, a dismissive, "we're like that." But hell, if it makes you go, "oh! I know that! I'll give your show a try," I'm all for saying "remember Drew Carey? Do you love Aisha Tyler, Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie.  It's like those hilarious shenanigans! Come enjoy the show!!"). We're going to play some audience favorites tonight like Blind Line, Puppet, and Sound Effects. We love performing at Evening in the Park, and bringing a lot of audience interactive games. Most improv games are audience interactive, as the audience gives suggestions, but Sound Effects and Puppets take the audience interaction to another level, because they jump onstage and perform along side us.

So. Improv. 6:00pm tonight! At Johnson-SpringView Park!

There's also lots of other things to do. Food trucks for one! Stuff your face with delicious food, check out all the vendors, and there's plenty of kids activities too (bounce houses, face painting, etc.). And, it's a cool summer night!

Yep. Lots of stuff, for the price of $0. It's free! Evening in the Park are free! Thanks Rocklin, and We are Rocklin Partners!

We'll have some special giveaways too at the show! T-Shirts and tickets for our audience volunteers. Of course, that's just icing on the comedy cake. You'll walk offstage after participating in a game of sound effects, and think, "That was fun. That was fun! I can't believe I just did that! And I get a t-shirt?! Best. Day. Ever."

We'll also be sharing information about the premiere of our first improvised musical at Blacktop Comedy! Off (the Cuff) Broadway!

You probably need directions. You're already reading this article, and reading an article and clicking a link to Johnson-Springview is infinitely easier then searching for it. So, here you go! A link fo Johnson-Springview Park. We'll see you at 6:00pm tonight!