Good morning! How's your Thursday?

Let's jazz it up. We can always make a moment more enjoyable. How can you be happy?

Try this. They might sound ridiculous, and you might think, "I can't do this at work!" They'll look at me strange but I feel better every time I do them.

1. Take notes on a napkin.
Note taking doesn't have to be boring. In fact, when you write notes on a napkin you'll feel like a genius who doesn't have time to reach for paper. It will make you feel better. And, you might discover you're even more creative then normal. Unique situations = unique thoughts. Fun side effect when you're trying something new.

2. Deposit money from a brief case.
Sure, it's a little unorthodox, but that's the point. Everyone will look at you, and start creating stories in their head. Was there a drop? Was this hush money? What does this guy know?

3. Exclaim, "I'm In!"
Door are everywhere. There's nothing particularly special about an entrance....except how you look at it. Take a cue from action movies, and when you walk through a door, mutter to yourself, "I'm in!" You'll feel like you're in Mission Impossible or James Bond. Have you seen the trailer for the new James Bond: Spectre? It looks amazing! You can feel like Bond...just by entering a room!

4. Fingertips together
Life can beat us down. Did the boss just drop a huge project in your lap? You felt like you were on top of the world, and now you feel overwhelmed. Get back some control! It's good to feel high status and in charge. You can feel powerful with a few simple movements. Put your fingertips together, and rest your pointer fingers on the tip of your nose.* Now, squint like you're deep in thought and say, "I thought so." I thought so gives you all the power. You're not knew this was coming! And, someone who foresaw all this will probably know how to solve the problem too. Here is a sample of what I'm talking about.

*Variation: rest your chin on top of your pointer finger for a more thoughtful power pose.

5. Do some Improv
Improv is all about living in the moment, and helping the actor onstage with you. Turns out, that selflessness helps you too. You're focused on someone else, and your problems melt away for awhile. You should come to a playground!

Did you try some of these? Did you find it helpful?