You don’t have drop big money to have a fun date night. Whether it’s a date night out with the husband, boyfriend or your bestie… it’s important to have those fun nights out together. Here’s 5 ideas for a great date night that won’t break the bank.

5. Go to a local college athletic event.With so many colleges in the area, there’s so much opportunity to watch a game. Who knows? You might be cheering the next big athletes. At the very least you’ll be cheering on your home team and that feels great. Sierra College’s Basketball Season is in full-swing!

4. Check out a local microbrewery. There are some great local brews in Placer County offering drink and tasting specials weekly. Some of our favorites are The Roseville Brewing Company and Loomis Basin Brewing. Great beer and friendly faces make for a great time!

3. Go Bowling or Play Laser Tag.We all have gone bowling or played laser tag, but we sometimes forget that as adults we can still have playful fun like we did when we were younger. Laser Craze and Strikes Bowling are great places to let out your inner kiddo. A friendly game is fun, just careful not to get too competitive.

2. Take a Drop-In Dance Class. Get moving and learn something new. Dancing is fun, and while you’re trying to master the steps you’ll both be smiling. Fontaine Dance Studio offers drop-in classes for Foxtrot, West Coast Swing and even 2 Step.

1. Watch a Comedy Show. There’s nothing better than laughing. Research shows that laughing can release stress and connect us to each other. Sounds like the perfect date night! There’s an all-new Blacktop Comedy Show every Friday and Saturday night at 8pm.

Check out what other folks are saying about the Blacktop Comedy Shows

“Great show tonight guys. Great date night with the wife. Thanks!” –Steve P.

“Thank you guys soooooo much for all the fun and being a part of our bachelorette night last night!” – Jennifer M.

“I've been to several Blacktop Comedy improv shows and have NEVER been disappointed!! EVER!!!! These guys and gals are awesome!!!” – Rohn W.