Sometimes you have to be gentle. Holding a baby? Be gentle. Handling fruit? Be gentle. Talking about feelings with a significant other? Be gentle. 

Improvising? I don't think we need to be gentle. Let's attack the scene, and discover. 

We can jump off the horse. Slink into the home. Drive out of the drive-in. Pull up the the bank. Crash the bachelor party.. Drag yourself to the family reunion. Fall asleep at school. Flee a swarm of bees. Charge a swarm of bees. Trip over a Barbie. Prance through the city square. Roam the mountains. Teeter on the edge of litter box. Waddle through the water. Stroll into the laboratory. Lurch towards the fire. Tip toe around the dragon. March down the hall.

We can pray for more. Demand Less. Snatch the money. Remove the robes. Grip the gun. . Examine the rug. Declare your love. Smoke the weed. Toss the football. Sharpen the knife  Rip a page out of the magazine. Shout the password. Mug for the camera. Choke the threat. Hug the neighbor. Smash the memory. Glue the shards together. Defend our client. Swim across the lake. Parachute off the building. Haunt the attic. Bridge the gap. Scout the rivals. 

We can light off fireworks. Build a porch. Discover the locked cabinet. Collect enough coins. Spook the Amazon delivery person. Protect your client.  Train elephants. Train dolphins. Train conducting. Graduate college. Survive the Apocalypse. Board a submarine. Sneak behind a waterfall. Grill steaks. Abandon a Ferris Wheel. Attend the symphony. Forge a Constitution. Track the last Chinese Maple. Adopt an kitten. Tremble in front of a chocolate chip cookie.

We can exclaim how we feel. Mutter your preference. Sigh about the lack of food. Stutter in the face of evil. Chatter as the wind blows. Gossip about the principal. Squeak to your mouse friends. Collude with your prisoners. Stammer your hope. Bellow your fear. Croak your final words. Argue to the judge. Rant on a podcast.  Admit you TP'ed the house. Report on the experimental findings. 

We can cling to the train. Hop in a taxi. Swerve on a unicycle. Shred on a skateboard. Triple Axel in skates. Time travel in a cardboard box. Mach one on a jet. 

Let's do any of that. If we commit to our choices, and you commit to your partners choices, we can never break the scene. It's pretty darn durable.