A couple night ago I set out to find Christmas Lights. I was ready to search throughout Sacramento and Roseville. Am I kidding? No. Hunting for houses lit up with Christmas lights is, hands down, my favorite part of the holidays. I'll drive from Auburn to Davis. Getting dressed up in some warm, comfy clothes, grabbing a hot drink and seeing houses decked out in sparkly Christmas lights? What’s not to love?

We loaded into the car, and set off. We discovered... a lot of solo houses. Surrounded by dark homes these  'solos' exploded with color, LED lights blinking, Santa's laughing, and reindeer...um....reindeer-ing. These houses were standouts, because if it was the only one on the block. It was cool. But, when we went down a street where everyone in the neighborhood participated, where every family was involved… it was more than cool… it was amazing! It transformed the area into a whole magical world.

This got me thinking about improv and the power of agreement. If an improviser makes a strong choice on stage, it can be fun and entertaining. But when the other players agree and build on that choice it’s amazing. When everyone participates we have the power to transport the audience to a whole magical world.