There's lots of great things about October. Halloween, Teen Slasher, and..... Callson Manor at the Placer County Fairgrounds.

Callson Manor in Roseville, has become a institution...and bloody and creepy institution. A whole city is constructed on the Placer County Fairgrounds. The city is a collection of stages, and seven "burned out"  buildings, each housing different attractions. It's a great layout, because you can wander throughout the 2 acres, and choose which attraction to walk into. You move at your own pace. Think Disneyland. A Disneyland filled with jump scares, zombies, screams and lots of blood. 


Disturbing characters fill the streets too. Don't worry, you'll never be touched, but the creatures will get up in your face. Poor Felicia. Last year we went, and this quick zombie (think 24 Days Later), followed her incessantly. I eventually had to ask the guy to stop, because she hated it! I don't blame her. The costumes, and makeup were well designed by award winning make-up artist Nicole Chilelli, winner of season 3 Faceoff on SyFy. She currently works with SMOSH. They bring in the best artists for the show.

If you go, I recommend grabbing the Living Social or Groupon, and go with friends (they're not currently running the promotion, but they will. I'm guessing mid September?). The whole Blacktop team went last year, and that's the best way to do it. I don't think it would be nearly as fun alone. It's much more fun to roam the buildings with friends, getting scared, or watching other jump.

Also, be sure and check out the stage shows. They run every 30 minutes, and have some great surprises. The fire show is a impressive.

Finally, just know it's outside and has a dirt floor, so dress accordingly. 

Here's the address to the Placer County Fairgrounds and Callson Manor:

800 All America City Boulevard, 
Roseville, CA 95678 

Oh, and completely unrelated to Roseville or Sacramento haunted houses.... if you're reading this and you live in Salt Lake City Utah, you HAVE to go to Nightmare on 13th. I went about 6 years ago, and I still remember it. It's that good That haunted house was extraordinary. At one point you have to get into a coffin. Spoiler alter, the bottom drops out and you slide to safety, but for a second, as you're quietly lying in a coffin, you start wondering if you made the right life choices.