The California Comedy Festival was a huge success! With your help, and the help of 50 improvisers from around the country, we raised over $1,000 for Sacramento and Placer's Evolve You Foundation.

With that money Blacktop Comedy can offer free improv workshops for the high school students about to leave the foster care system. After talking with Evolve You we found out that over 50% of these kids end up on the street after getting the boot from the foster care system. That's ridiculous.

We're helping keep kids off the street. With the money from the California Comedy Festival we are able to offer the students improv classes. The improv classes for students are more than an afternoon of fun. The improv class offers the Sacramento kids a series of tools to live in the moment, adapt to change, and overcome self-doubt.

The Shows were incredible, the teachers brilliant, and the weekend unforgettable. Thank you In Transit, Side Pickle, The Revengers, Made Up Theatre, Off One Letter, Shades of Grey, Euro Trash, American River Colleges' Pandora's Jukebox, Jackson Soup, Rollin' in Riches, Steve Cheslea Ben, and Blacktop Comedy's very own BYOI and Your F@#$%! Up Relationship. 

Also, thank you to all the incredible volunteers who make everything at Blacktop Comedy and the California Comedy Festival possible. From flyering Rocklin, canvasing Sacramento, preparing the gift bags, grabbing water when the performers, and so much more, our volunteers helped the festival run smooth. So, who are the incredible volunteers? Thank you Austin Jansma, Jessa Jansma, Meggan Johnson Hyde, Celestial Meeker, Jonathon Al Milby, Jonathan Norman, Forrest Farman, Antonio Varela, Ciara Cumiskey, Jacquelyn Ackerson, Timothy Smith, Kasey Castaneda, Ami Duenas, and Alejandro Duenas, Betsaida Lebron, Jakob Hillock, Chris Kimbrough, Jay Miller, Aeriel Hunter, Gordon Sharp, Troy Wallis, Garrett Bank, Jordan Mata, Cristian Amaral, and Mo Lim-Chua, Yaz Khabiri and Allison Morrow

There were lots of great moments during the show, workshops, and behind the scenes! We'll be posting all the pictures very soon...and video! We have hours of footage we want to get online, and in the hands of all the teams.

And, maybe you're feeling generous, and want to give directly to Evolve You. You can do so here (you can also learn about all the incredible projects they have planned). Brian Taylor is the gent who runs the foundation. Tell him Blacktop Comedy sent you!