It's nice to be settled in Rocklin, CA.

We're a part of the Rocklin nightlife. We're helping build Rocklin nightlife! We're excited to make Rocklin even more of a destination. For three years Blacktop Comedy was roaming,. Originally, we were in downtown Sacramento, but settled in Roseville, CA, by the new Roseville DMV. Well, in 2011 it was a rocky field, just a Roseville DMV dream. We were sandwiched between the train tracks, and the kids play place, Wacky Tacky. Everyday was a mixture of happy children, and deafening trains tearing by the theater. It was so loud we would have to justify the trains within the improv performances Want to push your creativity? Send a train by your theater every night at 9p, and try to create an original response ("Looks like the train is right on schedule," gets old fast.).

It was a small theater, but we were comfortable. The summer sun would cook that little Roseville theater, but what choice did we have? Aha! There's always a choice we discovered. We moved within the Business Center off Galilee. We upgraded to a larger space that used to work on custom.... Ferraris? Lamborghini?s I'm not sure. It was a custom shop with harsh lights, a concrete floor, and an extra wall. In a month we pushed over the wall, laid over 1600 feet of laminate flooring, and purchased some Hue Lights. First, if you want to impress an audience, buy Hue Lights with WeMo. The audiences love it, and it makes the space feel like a movie theater. You can buy Hue Lights at the Roseville Apple store. Second, if you want to feel like the Incredible Hulk of the Avengers, i suggest pushing a wall over

We had done it! We had found a new theater! We could settle into Placer county, and start producing live comedy! Weekly improv comedy shows here we come!

But, we had to move 8 months later. We needed more space.

Oh no! Not again! The third move can't possibly be the best one yet.

But it was!

We're here. In Rocklin, off Sunset Boulevard now, and we love this space! We have space to produce new shows, and brave new works. We have more Undergrounds for new local improv and sketch comedy teams. We have theater kids classes, and teen improv workshops. We have an improvised musical in July. That improvised musical will blow your mind. We were working on the details this weekend over drinks at the VC, (Vaelencia Club in Penryn).

And, we're excited to partner with the incredible TAAC (The Alternative Arts Collective), and hosting their Midtown Blue screening.

Rocklin is becoming a destination!

We'll see you soon!