valentines day rocklin

Do you know what this Sunday is?

Uh-oh. No. It's not JUST the week after Super Bowl 50. It's much more.

No. It's not just February 15, 2016 either.

Oh no. I'm really worried for you now. Are you in a relationship? Not for long if you don't step your game up!

It's Valentine's Day. Yes! That Valentine's Day!

Do you have your flowers, chocolates, and tickets for Sacramento's Best Valentines Day stand Up Spectacular? 

Get those tickets!

This Sunday let us plan your date night. Let us help you look like a romantic, thoughtful woo'er, who knows their date loves comedy. Have you ever met someone who doesn't love comedy? If you did, would you even be going out with them? Probably not. See, the fact you're on a date proves this person you're courtin' is a comedy lover. Come to this show, and look like a Casanova.

It's science.

Now, buy those tickets, and let us craft the perfect Valentine's Date night. Look like a Casanova. We don't want credit. We just want you to enjoy some comedy.

Who is performing this Sunday night? Excellent question. Two of the funniest comics in Sacramento and San Francisco are on the Blacktop Comedy stage. Kiry Shabazz and Joe Klocek That's right! The best are coming to Rocklin. Kiry and Joe bring their unique and uproarious perspectives to the stage. Both are brilliant and funny storytellers. 

Joe Klocek has become one of San Francisco's most unique comics. With razor sharp wit he uses to 'work the crowd', Joe is in high demand at clubs, and has recently made his debut nationally on Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham” Comedy Show. Kiry Shabazz has been addicted to making people laugh ever since he realized he had the ability to make them smile. With his witty material, charming personality and off the cuff spontaneous ability to involve and captivate his audiences, Kiry has become a regular at many clubs around Sacramento and Northern California

Purchase Tickets online or at the door. Actually, I take that back, we've already sold most of the tickets, so if you do want to come to this show I strongly suggest purchasing them online so we can say "grab your seat," and not, "we're sorry, but we're full." It will be so awkward for us both. Let's not put ourselves through that. Buy your tickets.

Oh. Of course. Where should you go to dinner? Another great question. You have so many, and there are so many good places to grab dinner. Try these first, because you're supporting local, they're romantic, and they make some amazing dishes:

Primo PizzaThe Chef's TableRubino's RistoranteThai Chili