Shakespeare and Love is our most recent genre performance at Blacktop Comedy. The audiences have been incredible, and we have sold out every show thus far. We suspect we'll sell out the remaining shows too. Want tickets? I strongly encourage you to buy online before Saturday night.


While this show is hugely popular, it's a limited run. We don't intend on extending the run. A number of people have asked "why not do this show for a few months?"

It's enticing. It would make our lives easier, but is that what we are supposed to be doing? Making our lives easy? It's challenging producing new work every month. That quote might sound like it comes with a stage direction: 

"it's challenging producing new work every month" [exasperated sigh]

In fact, it's anything but exhaustion. That statement is fact, and comes with an exclamation mark, because creating new work is exciting! It's invigorating developing a new improvised genre for the stage. It's liberating realizing we can do ANYTHING on stage. The last few weeks I've been watching movies, looking for inspiration, writing notes furiously, concocting ways to bring "that" and "that" to the stage. 

It's fun to practice what we preach. In our Improv 101 classes and Playground: Improv for Everyone drop-in we reinforce an improvisers responsibility to create a world. Yes, our Rocklin stage is stationary, but we can imagine any corner of the world and explore it right here.

Over the past year we've pushed ourselves to produce a new show every month, bringing Rocklin and Sacramento new comedy. We challenge ourselves to add new elements into each show, that have never existed before. Over the past year, we have added, costumes, sound effects, enormous battles, blood squibs, theater in the round, and more!

Yes, I agree, an improvised genre piece is always new, the audience suggestions always send the narrative in a unique direction. However, as artists and comedians, it's our responsibility to discover more, to push ourselves further, and bring back something amazing for the audience.

When was the last time you pushed your work? Shut down what you're doing and gone off in a new direction? It's really exciting. I encourage you to try it. Shutter what you know. The shutter will cause a shudder. It's unnerving at first, but sit with it, and you'll feel the jump start. You'll feel the revving engine.

I would love to hear from you too! What genre would you love see brought to life? So far we have created improvised westerns, musicals, super heroes, and horrors. We have some ideas simmering, but would love to hear your thoughts too.

In two weeks we will announce our new show. In the meantime be sure and share your thoughts. And, don't miss Shakespeare and Love on Saturday nights! The cast Betsaida Lebron, Garrett Bank, Ben Woehler, Jordan Mata, Mo Lim-Chua, Aeriel Hunter, and Chris Kimbrough, have been producing some incredible shows.