There are lots of great improv podcasts, and improv website out there. You're reading this one. I encourage you to read more! The one thing improv isn't is static. It's dynamic and fluid, a constantly evolving art form, and reading about what is happening in different communities is always exciting. Have you read Kevin Mullaney's blog? He's thoughtful, and offers suggestions for theaters, actors, and comedians. He's working to build a better improv community.

That's a great question. Why should you listen to what Kevin has to say.

Over Labor Day six members of Blacktop were fortunate enough to be able to go to Improv Utopia East. (I'll write more on the subject soon. We learned so much at Improv Utopia East!)

While there I was able to meet and learn from Kevin Mullaney. The guy is a genius, and has accomplished so much. He is the co-creator of Under the Gun Theater in Chicago. Prior to that he has been the Artistic Director and Improv Chief of the UCB Theatre in New York and taught and directed shows for Improv Olympic (iO Chicago.)


And...if that resume isn't not extensive enough...

He's created a website, and podcast. It's called The Improv Resource Center, and you need to have more IRC in your life.

Years ago, he launched the Improv Resource Center, which I continue to use to this day. It's packed with wisdom, improv exercises, and improv formats. It's a an online forum for improvisers to share and listen. Have a question? Post it at the Improv Resource Center. You'll find dozens of people eager to help answer your question, and share their approach.

Improv theater creator? Check.
Website builder? Check.
Podcaster? Why not!

The Improv Resource Center Podcast brings you interviews with some of the biggest names in improv. It's wonderful to hear how Rich Tallarico, David Razowsky, Joe Bill, Susan Messing, and others explore improv. There's about 20+ episodes and each one is worth your time. Listen to them on your commute to work, or anywhere else. Who am I to tell you where to listen to them?

Yep. See. Kevin Mullaney is kind of a big deal, and working with him at Improv Utopia East was incredible. I'm excited to go watch some shows at Under the Gun Theater next time I'm in Chicago. They're producing some exciting work.