The Underground is back this Friday! The Underground is an improv open mic. Improv teams looking for stage time will have 15 minutes. Yep! Fifteen minutes! That's a lot of stage time at an open mic. That's our mission, to give new and fledgling groups an opportunity to innovate, work on improv format, discover exciting improv scenes, and explore new opportunities.

The awesomeness doesn't stop there. We also give away mix drinks (non-alcoholic of course). It's a classy open mic.

We encourage improv teams from blacktop and other cities, theaters, comedy clubs, colleges, and even high schools. This isn't a strictly Rocklin, Roseville, and Loomis thing. Outside of Placer County? Join us! In the past we have had improv teams from San Francisco, and students from Casa Roble high school perform, and they did an incredible job! We would love local colleges like Sierra College, American River College, and California State University Sacramento (CSUS) to jump in too!

There have been so many unique shows at the Underground, including Best Night Ever, Epic, Copycats, Cooky Pants, The Milby Twins, and Police Cops! That's just a handful of teams that have dropped in. Each teams mixes up improv in a unique way, trying to bring something fresh to the art form.

We even have teams of friends who met at The Playground, our Thursday drop-in class, who have jumped onstage to try a new show. It's fun watching everyone, but I'm most excited when I see new groups, visitng improv teams. I love that a new improv group feels so comfortable at Blacktop they're excited to get onstage and try something. They realize they're in a safe theater, a place everyone has their back, and will cheer them when the lights go up, and when they walk offstage.

If you thought "improv is this," you need to come out to our Underground show, and realize that improv can be so many different styles.

If you have a group, or maybe even you're a solo performer (we've have improvised solos in the past), signup and be part of the fun! The Underground is every other Friday. You can signup below. Just fill out the form and we will be in contact with you. And, this open mic won't leave you "hoping" you'll get stage time. If there is space we will guarantee you a spot.

Finally, we can also email you and let you know about submissions for the Underground through our newsletter. Just sign up here, and we'll send you information about upcoming Undergrounds. See you soon Rocklin!