Hey mista! Have you heard the news! Sure is some keen news coming out of the Sacramento theater scene. It's swell. The tops! Everyone's talkin' bout in the Hoova' towns. TAAC is on the move!

Active verbs! I hear they're important. English teachers told me to put things in the present tense and use active verbs.

That's why I wont talk about The Alternative Arts Collective's many great works...because that's behind us! What's ahead for TAAC? What theatrical performance are they planning right now to unleash on Sacramento? I'm glad you asked! They'll actually be unleashing their next work on Rocklin. And, to go along with that awesome news, they'll be performing that work at Blacktop Comedy! TAAC will be performing Steel Magnolias for a limited two weekend run at Blacktop Comedy. So, be sure and grab your tickets because seating is limited. If you don't want to miss the show, sign up for Blacktop newsletter, and we'll let you know the day tickets are available. The show begins Labor Day Weekend in September. for two weeks at Blacktop Comedy beginning September labor day weekend. We're very excited to work with David Blue Garrison and the entire TAAC team.

Have you seen their current production of Macbeth? check it out at the . It's a unique take, which is quite the compliment considering the play has been performed roughly, 1, 543,297 times. Bringing something new to the Macbeth story is impressive.

In this exciting production, casting has been gender and age blind to showcase a story performed by actors who best portray the characters. Prepare yourself for an immediate, honest and visceral production of the epic play: Macbeth

We are going to the show this Sunday at Chautauqua Playhouse. Join us!

So, yes. Scripted theater at Blacktop. Huzzah! You mixed your improv audience with my theater audience. You mixed your theater audience with my improv audience!

Oh...and speaking of TAAC, have you seen the most recent Midtown Blue? It's an episodic story produced by TAAC, directed by Garrison, and performed with some of the best actors in Sacramento and Placer. You also might recognize some of the backgrounds. Here's the most recent episode

Pretty nice coffee shop, huh? Did you think, "that coffee shop looks familiar. Heaven to Betsy! That's Blacktop Comedy masquerading as a coffee shop." First, yes, you're correct. Second, it's adorable you use the phrase 'heavens to Betsy.'

We jump online, grab the tickets, speed to Blacktop, and cheer for funny, local improv and theater. Active verbs. 

See you soon!