I'm very proud of the Off the Cuff Broadway cast. They just completed their run, and it was an incredible month of improv performances. We had great audiences. We are so grateful for the people of Rocklin, Roseville and Loomis for coming out and supporting the shows. While those are the neighborhoods we advertise in, we were humbled to have audience from even further away. We had theater goers from Sacramento, and Elk Grove, and even Chico come up/down to check out the shows. They heard good things, and made the drive. When they walked out with smiles on their faces, and said, "that was worth the drive," we were so happy. As a theater, our goal is to bring the community great entertainment and comedy.

Thank you!

Betsaida has dreamed of doing an improvised musical since we opened Blacktop in 2011. We always wanted to, but we never had that right time. Of course, as you know, the right time never happens. You make the right time. And, Betsaida did. She assembled an amazing cast of Chris Kimbrough, Aeriel, JJ Miller, Allison Morrow, and Cristian Amaral on music, and I was so excited to be invited to do lights. 

It was a fun production, with wide variety of musical influences. The plots were wild, and the characters were diverse. We had pirates, and prostitutes, and witches, and servants, and aristocracy, and talking cats, and ghosts, and lovers. And, this was just one month of shows! The cast studied as many musicals as they could, and created something unique in Sacramento and Placer. It was an improv musical, that didn't require a live musician. We were creative, and used what we had. 


Did you have a live music? Yes. Was it improvised music? Yes. Did you have a live musician. No. We used what we had, and it was a collaboration. We used our imagination, which is what improv is about, tackling things as a group, and creating art onstage. 

If you are interested in creating your own musical, but can't find a musician, or they are to expensive, please contact us. If you need help, we can help. We are happy to share with you how we made our improvised musical a success.

If you want to make something happen, you can. Create, and the audience will find you. Our only job as improv artists is to create work that we know must exist.