leo laporte and epson commercial

I'm lost! I'm wandering around Youtube, Soundcloud, and the Epson, and I can't find the worst commercial I've ever heard.

I'm being a little dramatic, but just a bit. I was listening to TWiT and heard this commercial. Have you heard the Epson commercial with Leo Laporte? You've probably repressed it. Lucky! As soon as I'm done writing this I'm gonna tart repressing. Is there a How to Repress Memories Manual? That would be very helpful.

So what's caused so much rancor? Laporte laughter is added at the most absurd part of the commercial! And, it probably isn't even his decision. It could be some editor or director. I wish I could find the commercial and play it. I've heard it over a dozen times but when I really need it I can't find it.*

Here's what happens.

Leo talks about Epson printers, and how he has so many, but now he's getting rid of them.

[Leo laughter]

Leo continues, he's getting rid of them for the new Epson printer.

That's what I can recall. I do distinctly remember the laughter, and thinking, "why laugh after saying 'he's getting rid of them'? "

As far as I can tell, It's funny" because he's still staying with Epson, but he laughs before even mentioning buying Epson again. He seems to crack himself up. It's like a stand up comic telling half the punchline, laughing at what he's about to do, and then finishing it off. 

Maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way. Maybe he's a oracle. Are we being prepared for the onslught of giggles we won't be able to resist? Is it a warning us, "get liquids and food out of your mouth because this is the level of laughter you're going to experience. You might choke." If that's the case, thanks Leo, that's a thoughtful warning.

However, it's also a lie! I didn't laugh once. I was excited to laugh, he must be a happiness prophet...here it comes! But, it didn't happen. I was thinking, "this must be good! I can't wait! And, I got, "I'm buying an Epson printer."

Man. Talk about the law of diminishing returns. Heck, it wasn't even diminishing returns, it was the Law of No Returns. You've failed me Epson! Your commercial promised me laughter, and you didn't deliver! How can I expect you to print what I need, when you can't deliver the comedy I need.

Is this an accurate review of Epson printers!? Heck no! This is just one listeners dramatic, and ridiculous review of your commercial! 

*If you know of this commercial, and know where I can find it, please let me know! It's so much better to hear, then read a description.