I am blown away... (Next week, Blacktop Comedy will be holding the semi annual auditions at the Showdown Theater in Rocklin. We are casting for improv, and sketch comedy performers and writers.)

....at the response we have gotten for auditions. We have people coming from Rocklin and Roseville. Sacramento and Auburn. Davis and Lincoln. Orangevale and Folsom. There are so many great local comedians looking for a group to join, a supportive theater to call home. We're excited to welcome new members to Blacktop Comedy. We're thrilled to open our doors for the incoming performs hungry to bring comedy to Placer County.

I've been asked in emails, at Playgrounds, and over the phone, "what are you looking for in a performer?"

I'm glad you asked!

We're lookingfor someone who "gets us, buys in, and wants to bring the best comedy to Placer County." I know, 'gets us' is a pretty loaded (or maybe just confusing) term. What do I mean?

I'm glad you asked!

Blacktop Comedy is not your typical comedy club. First, we're a team. Second, we're educators. And, third, we're performers looking to tell stories.

Help your team. Help the students. Help the audience. Tell great stories.

We're asking a lot. The results, however:

A team of friends Students who feel supported An audience that feels appreciated Comedy everyone will wants to see.

The results are pretty spectacular. Blacktop Comedy is becoming better every day, and we would love for you to be a part of it.

At our Grand Opening last week an attendee said, "this place feels like a clubhouse." That made me so happy to hear. A local Rocklin resident enters our theater as a stranger, but immediately feels they're part of this fantastic club. They found our theater on Yep, Googled our address, realized we were five minutes from their house, wanted to support local comedy, and drove over to our spot. They were greeted at the door, and instalty felt welcomed. It was a great story to hear, and I'm glad we can offer this to the community.

And, Blacktop Comedy is about to grow, because we're now going to offer sketch comedy and stand-up comedy classes too. We have a lot planned for this theater. We're glad you're along for the ride. It's about to become even more fun an interactive.

Interested in auditions? You can learn more about auditions here. If you would like to schedule an audition please contact Paul Burke, and he can help arrange an audition time.