The Showdown Theater signage is up! The new home of Blacktop Comedy has some purty signs. We are so glad to move to off Sunset in Rocklin. Why? SOOOO many reasons...but chief among them is signage.

People can actually find us now! We're not in the back of a warehouse in Roseville. We're now off a main thoroughfare in Rocklin, by Dutch Brothers Coffee (by the way, have you had Dutch Brothers coffee? No!? Go! It's amazing! I'll post later about tips and suggestions. When to stop by Dutch Brothers Coffee Rocklin? What to order? I'll help you out.)

Two different people stopped into the theater last night, wondering, "what is Showdown Theater, and Blacktop Comedy?" One of them found us while picking up a Christmas tree across the street. The other found us while leaving Thunder Liquor next door to the theater (Thunder Liquor Rocklin has a really great selection of drinks, and they're very nice. Highly recommend.)

I feel like this post is transforming I'm starting to turn this post into a Top Ten of Rocklin...

OK Let's get back on track.

I have read a lot of books recently on marketing, business, and how to succeed. There's no shortage of titles, and authors making suggestions, telling you "this is a new and imroved way to get ahead." I love these books, because they offer a lot of unique strategies. However, it can be a bit overwhelming. Which strategy do I go with? Which opportunity is the best?

Then, I hung the new Showdown Theater signs, and I realized...

Keep it simple. Having a sign along a road was never mentioned in any of the books. It wouldn't be considered "clever," "unique," or "daring." It does, however, get eyeballs to stop in and say hello. Simple and direct.

Reminds me of improv.... (bear with me!)

How many times do you step onstage during a show and think, "I better be clever, unique, and daring. People will love that." How much anxiety and stress does that cause you? If you're anything like me... that thinking causes a lot of anxiety. It's hard to turn off that part of the brain that wants to be "better, faster, and stronger." Keeping your scene simple, and your language direct? Be authentic. That's a lot easier. Well, it is for me anyways. I hope it makes your life easier too.

Something unique will always develop in a scene, but trying to start a scene with that mindset? That's hard.