Well, Teen Slasher, the horror film parody, is back! How do I know it's back? My bathtub is filled with blood.


It looks like the bathroom from Hitchcock Psycho....if Hitchcock plugged the drain. However, if he did that he wouldn't get that great fade from drain to eye. I guess what I'm saying is, go watch Psycho, and you'll know what it's like being in my shower. Even if you don't want to know what it's like being in my shower, you should still see Psycho...it's a classic!

OK. Let's get focused! Where were we? Oh, yes! Teen Slasher and blood!

Don't worry. It's fake blood, purchased at the local Halloween Store, Spirit Halloween (and, might I add, you can get a lot of blood for $5).

(and, might I also suggest, if you run a haunted house, stock up on blood after Halloween. The sales are huge! Blood is 75% off! Sure, you'll look creepy when the neighbors see your garage stocked with all that blood, but think of the savings!)

Quick Tip: When cleaning blood soaked shirts and pants, we recommend soaking them for at least 20 minutes. Give that blood a chance to soften before tossing it in the washing machine. The washing machine can't work miracles, but soaking the clothes can definitely help. (I know the final casualty of Friday night's show was Troy's white t-shirt.).

jjisthekillerTeen Slasher previewed last Friday, and the feedback we received was very positive. The title supplied by the audience was Scissor's Amusement Park. It wasn't a fun place, JJ turned out to be the killer, and only Aeriel made it out alive. The poncho wearing, blood soaked audience provided some great ideas, and we're excited to include in this Friday's show. This is the third year bringing Teen Slasher to Roseville and Rocklin, and we're still tweaking the formula, working to create the perfect show. This year we have included more lighting and sound effects.

The highlight for us is seeing so many happy people at the show, covered in blood, or sitting safely outside the "blood splash zone." If you love blood, and parodies, you will love Teen Slasher.

The perfect date night in Roseville, is here. If you want something silly, and packed with laughs, you can catch The Shorties every Saturday night, 8pm. Support local, grab some dinner and drinks at House of Oliver and then spend the evening laughing with Blacktop and Teen Slasher. Both shows are for adults and mature teens.

This is improv theater, and you never know what will happen.