It’s hard to believe the number one fear in America is public speaking, when you hear the roar of the crowd from the Thursday Night Playground. They can be quite a boisterous crowd. Circling up for warm up games can present a challenge for space in games like “Cup of Sugar” where there are some pretty hysterical collisions. This is such a brisk crowd! The guessing games are a blur, “Hitchiker” and “Freeze” have lines of people ready to play. Sometimes, this is the fastest two hours of my life.Tuesday Night Playground is a smaller group. We work on long-form improvisation. This type of improv: Henry and Armando are two examples. They both involve scene work that come from one word suggestions, We almost always wind up with a plot and a conclusion. That is if we did it right! It’s hard to remember, that it’s a scary thing to stand in front of people , and not only speak, but perform. I feel honored that I am a person who rarely has stage fright. As a matter of fact, the only time I remember feeling nervous was back in pre-mom life, My job involved me providing management training, Well, I was barely pregnant with my daughter and woke feeling unwell to start. Then I put on my white linen suit, hey ~ be kind, this was the `90`s. I went to work, saw the 200 higher-ups I was training and well…I don’t wear white linen anymore. But I am still unafraid to speak to people. Matter of fact, I feel very comfortable on stage, especially with the people I’ve been there with since the beginning.


Lisa Wildman lives with her husband, two teenage girls, two dogs and a cat in the foothills of Placer County. Lisa enjoys Taekwondo, reading, time with her family, staying active, and most recently improv. Keep up with her adventures in her personal blog.