AUDITION NOTICE: We were contacted this week about an upcoming audition, and wanted to let all the improvisers/actors in the area know about it. If you have any questions (or would like to see the script) feel free to

. Here is what they're looking for:

"My name is Aaron Zambrana, Owner of A to Z Window Screens, Chimney Sweep, & Dryer Vent Cleaning.

We are filming up an upcoming commerical for my company, and we are looking for a man and a woman and a teenage young man  to star in an upcoming commercial.  We also need a makeup artist.

This is a perfect opportunity to add a nice piece to their portfolio.  It will be professionally filmed and edited in high definition audio and video, and the end result will be hilarous!


  Mid 40's.  Average build, average height.  Dressed in a suit and tie (talent provides own costume, but dress shirt may be destroyed... so AtoZ will re-imburse talent for a ruined shirt.... a dress shirt purchased by talent at a thrift store would be perfect), looks like a typical professional working family man.  He plays the part of a willfully clueless husband who doesn't want to face reality.  He acts as if his family is just kidding with him / being over dramatic, and chuckles / smiles / shrugs his shoulders through various confrontations..... we're looking for a Jim Carrey type charachter / performance.


  Mid 40's.  Average build and height.  Dressed in a reflective airport firefighter's suit from head to toe (AtoZ will provide costume).  Needs to be able to talk quickly and with passion!  She's upset with her husband, afterall!!  No limp noodles here... we need someone who can be a firecracker!  Since her face won't be visible at all through the firefighters's mask, she'll need to project her displeasure through voice and body gestures!!

Teenage Son:

  14-16 yrs old.  Needs to be skinny / thin in order to sell the illusion he's stranded in the desert hanging onto life by a thread.  (Talent to provide own costume... but AtoZ will fully reimburse up to $50.  Clothes need to be purchased from goodwill or some other thrift store, and then totally thrashed / shredded / soiled by this charachter before the shoot.... pants, and a thin, button up collared, long sleeved shirt.  We are going for the illusion that this charachter has been wandering in the desert and is about to die.

Makeup Artist:

  We need someone who is experienced at theatrical makeup.  For the teenage son, we need to make him look like he's hanging onto the last bits of life... sunburned, chapped / cracked lips, dirty, sweaty face, arms and hands.  For the Husband, in the scene where he's about to open the envelope for the electric bill, we need to make him look like he's on the verge of a nervous breakdown.... sweaty upper lip/forehead, etc.  Then, in a later scene, after the husband's hair has spontaneously combusted, we need to create the illusion he's sooty and has been charred (no gory makeup here.... just light touches on his forehead, scalp, ears, hair and ?maybe his shirt?) to make it look like the just got burnt / scorched.  Also, if possible, make his hair smoke slightly???  We can also do the smoking hair in post video production if necessary.

These are paid positions!  Husband $150.  Wife $100  Teenage Son $50  Makeup Artist $100.

We are shooting the commercial on Saturay August 11th, from 10am to about 7pm in the Lincoln CA area.

Auditions will take place Saturday July 28th at a location to be determined in the Roseville / Rocklin Area.

This shoot is coming up on us very soon, and would like to invite any of your troupe or crew who might be interested to audition.  

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone in your organization who might be a good fit for the above described positions.

Please reply to this email or call me directly on my cell phone with any questions or enquiries!