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8 Important Things To Know Before Coloring Your Hair

Coloring your hair is the first step to transformation; you should do it correctly. The hair coloring process is not limited to applying color to your hair and waiting for the magic to happen. From preparing your hair before the color day to maintaining your hair post-coloring, you need to take care of several factors. If this is your first time and you are terribly nervous, don’t worry anymore as we are here to help. 

A good type of coloring product and experienced or simply the best hair colorists can make a huge difference in your hair styling process. Therefore, before getting started with the process, you should spend ample time looking for the right hair color shapes and service providers you would like to invest your money in. 

In this article, we will walk you through some beneficial tips and tricks to prepare your hair before the treatment and ways you can get the most out of the coloring process. So without further ado, here are the top eight important things to consider before coloring your hair to your desired shade.

1. Decided your perfect shade 

It is extremely vital to choose hair colors based on your skin tone and hair type before transforming your appearance. As the color would stay on your hair for a couple of months, you would not want to regret it after spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on the treatment. If you are looking for colors that stay for a longer time without changing the color after every wash, opt for light and subtle shades.  

2. Avoid using heavily chemical products 

Many people believe they have to use heavy chemicals to achieve the desired shade on their hair. This information is completely false. For light and subtle hair shades, you don’t have to bleach your hair or apply heavy chemical products to get the right shade. Chemical products can severely damage your hair and result in extreme hair fall. 

3. Hydrate your hair 

Hair color can make your hair dry and dehydrated. To avoid damaging your hair further, it is recommended to nourish your hair with good-quality hair conditioners, masks, and other care products. Hydrating and conditioning hair products can reduce damage and bring a perfect bounce and shine to your hair post-treatment. Use sulfate-free and paraben-free products before the treatment. 

4. Skip shampoo before coloring 

Washing your hair on the day of the hair treatment might irritate your hair follicles and result in extreme scalp problems. It is best to wash your hair one or two days before the treatment. If your skin is sensitive to chemical products, you should wash your hair two or three days before the treatment to give your scalp some time to breathe. 

5. Conduct a patch test 

Many people don’t understand the importance of patch tests before the treatment, especially for customers who color their roots. A patch test can help you determine whether the product is suitable for your skin type or not. Different hair products are created for different hair types. Selecting your perfect application will help you avoid many skin problems post-treatment. 

6. Trim your hair 

After coloring your hair, you might not get an opportunity to trim your split ends or damaged tips. Trimming your hair will boost hair growth and make your hair look healthier. Additionally, if you are looking for a complete makeover, trimming your hair is the best way to do it. 

7. Seek help from experts 

For individuals getting their hair colored for the first time, experts can help you select the best shade and transform your hair the way you want. Hire services from hair colorists that have years of experience in treating different kinds of hair and have a good reputation in the market.

8. Maintain your hair 

Last but most importantly, follow the color maintenance guide to bring out the best of your hair treatment. Nourishing and maintaining your hair post-treatment can help you overcome hair dryness, hair fall, and other hair-related issues. 

We hope this article helped you determine vital factors to consider before your hair coloring day. Consider applying a small amount of color application on your hair tips to determine the actual look of your hair.

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